Slim & JB go over the news and notes form last night including yet another round of injuries and DNPs including Hassan Whiteside’s hand, take a look at the RCL leagues and how our teams fared through the first week of the H2H playoffs, then preview tonight’s games with our 30-Point Challenge picks and some selections for the Wed-Fri SideLeague contest.

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  1. ADmancrusher says:

    Good job this year guys. Maybe I didn’t first hear about Gobert or Draymond Green here but you guys persuaded me to outbid everyone for them. I am one or two monster games away in the block dept. from going to the finals. I play 8 cat and I was sell high on AD all year for 8 catters. I am jumping on board for next year and still think he has so much athletic ability he doesn’t even know how to control it yet. I think he is a must grab first pick if you have an IR and confidence in your drafting. I do think Demarcus Cousins may be right there as well next year. He has mental issues that match his health concerns but man, if you play 8 cat and miss out on AD wouldn’t you pounce on Cousins? He could fall to 7th or 8th pick even. They are so similar in everything but character and turnover ratio.

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