Slim & JB recap last night’s games including where to expect Rudy Gobert to be drafted next year, preview tonight’s games with our 30-Point Challenge picks, look at this weekend’s games for our SideLeague calls, then wrap up the week at the movies.

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  1. aintfirstlast says:

    had a great year, DRaymond on both my teams and even though I lost Melo and KD hasn’t played yet in finals I am sitting pretty so far this week in my playoffs. I picked up Iggy before he went off last night and I am curious who you guys would rather have Barnes/Iggy the rest of the way. I am the biggest Warriors fan so I know them better then any team in the league. I had a gut feeling Barnes would be a great add late in the season even before Thompson was hurt. Every one besides myself was talking about Holiday and nobody was mentioning IGGY or Barnes but since Razzball nation loves to help each other out I just had to mention both these guys so your readers may have a great last minute add.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @aintfirstlast: I’d take Iggy, think he contributes in more places. Love the steals. We talked Iggy on the Pod, yup I like him much more and was telling everyone Holiday wasn’t a good add either

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