Slim & JB go through last night’s games including the return of Kemba Walker, preview Thursday night’s games with our 30-Point Challenge picks, preview weekend action with our SideLeague selections, then wrap up the week at the movies.

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  1. Lasandro says:

    Haha I think I may be the only 8er-commenter here so thanks for the hate 😉 and unfortunately it ain’t a 30 player league – it’s 13. As shallow as Paris Hilton’s opinions on inner beauty. Being a roto L, I decided on keeping Mo Will instead of kemba because I have more of a need for asts and 3s, and def don’t need my fg% being hacked away at. I’m fine with it

    I’m wondering about draymond. GSW obviously have a great playoff sched and obviously Kerr will be resting peeps down the line. But do you think draymond’s gonna be one of them? He’s a gamer and I don’t think he likes to take nights off. But if this is a reality, I could try to flip him for a good player who’s on a team with a need to play their guys before the real players. Someone like whiteside, gortat or gobert. Same question for Pau. I hope Thibs won’t rest him even though they’re sitting fine in the east..

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: That was all Slim’s hate! Yup I’m with ya keeping Mo for now.

      Def holding Pau. Thibs runs his starters into the ground so I think he’s OK. Damn, man if Gobert’s boards and blocks and FG% are needs, I don’t think I’d have any issue moving Dray for him. I’m going nuts for Gobert in today’s article about done

  2. Lasandro says:

    @slim @jb Gilpin: 2 posts for the price of.. 2 posts? Either way, let’s talk movies!

    Yep, edge of tomorrow is awesome and a very underrated movie. Wasn’t quite expecting to like the premise as much as I did. It’s not quite Looper or District 9 (you seem to not rate this movie highly, huh Slim?), but real enjoyable. The final act was thrilling!

    Yeah Jack Reacher ain’t all that bad. Think he’s supposed to be some high level Army special ops dude, and it’s pretty much a thriller/who-done-it. Not quite gritty as, say, a Bourne Identity, but a decent watch.

    I’m really lookin forward to Chappie simply because Neil Blomkamp directed it and D9 is one of my fav sci-fi movies, particularly of recent years. Even if it turns out to be crap, it’ll at least look awesome! Also, dude is set to direct the next Aliens movie, which’ll be a sequal to the second one way back in the day. Sigourney’s apparently all but signed on for it to reprise her role.

    Watched Exodus last night and I agree with ya Slim, a much better movie than Noah. I thought Aranovsky was a but self indulgent with that one. But this wasn’t bad – prob won’t rewatch it anytime soon, tho.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: Yessir!

      Yeah I was a little skeptical I would like it with all the great reviews. But it was mad fun. More fun but maybe equally as good as Looper. I personally wasn’t a District 9 fan. I thought the Apartheid stuff was so ham-fisted and overdone.

      Need to see Jack Reacher, maybe just in the background.

      Ehhhh, yeah it might be cool, I dunno. Luke warm on Chappie. Oh shizzzzz, really?! I meant to mention I just watched Prometheus again the other day, and liked it even more. A few plot holes and dumb things, but looked so good.

      Eh, Exodus and Noah are kinda far down my list… Sorry Bible! hah

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