Slim & JB react to the big news across the NBA including a coaching change, preview tonight’s games with our 30-Point Challenge picks, look over the weekend’s action with our SideLeague picks, then interview filmmaker and fantasy sports writer Bobby Del Rio catching up on hoops and his movie “The Market”.

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  1. hamtime says:

    great podcast as usual.

    being offered ryan anderson for kemba staight up in a 16,/11cat. currently 5th in a tight playoff race. was planning on holding kemba, but just so many variables leading up to the end of the season. you think anderson will be ok ROS? my pgs are wall, smart, teague, galloway (plus batum and griffin). kemba just puts me over the top w assists + ast/to (2 cats i dominate in every week).

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @hamtime: Thanks for listening man! Whewww, yeah still out so long. But in a tight race at 5th, yeah I’d take the production from Ryno over a taken roster spot

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