Well, despite my best efforts and a dominant regular season, I fell short in the semis in my run to finally get one of these golden things…  Stupid Clippers and their 5 games!  I had a huge Finals week as well to win 3rd place in the consolation game, but it was little…  consolation.

Anywho, congrats to our new REL Champion – Hard-N-Tha-Paint!  A well-deserved victory from the the 4 seed entering the playoffs – topping a strong year from (former RCL championHigh as Greg Kite – assembling a strong, deep team to bring home the gold jersey.  I fell to Paint in my semis loss in a bad 8-1 defeat, but it would’ve been a neck-and-neck 5-4 loss to them in the Finals, only losing by 2 treys.  And I had someone injured I would’ve streamed, just needed one extra ThrAGNOF and a different opp in the semis, and it coulda happened…  Well, woudla-coulda-shoulda for me, but didda-gotta-golden jersey for Tha-Paint!  Great season from both of these owners to make it through the grueling season to get the title, and without further ado, here’s our new graphic immortalizing their season!

Here’s how the Finals went down in the REL:

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REL Basketball1Well, sing me a song Mr. Emo man, because I am a crier!  My dominant regular season turned out to be like the Warriors, and not worth a heaping pile of nada.  Wait, that was a weird double negative…

Absolutely monstrous wins from the #4 and #6 seeds, blasting the #1 and #2 bye week teams into oblivion in 8-1 beatdowns.  I have more loose bodies blown to bits in my knee than Chandler Parsons!  Good luck to both High as Greg Kite and Hard-N-Tha-Paint in the finals!  Yet another season that will crown a new winner.  Here’s how the semis wrapped up in week 21 in the REL, plus a preview of this week’s Finals for week 22:

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REL Basketball1The semis are here!  Only 2 weeks left in the REL and 4 teams left standing for the coveted gold jersey.  If I don’t get a title this time out, I’m going to give the winner a white jersey that I just made gold, if you know what I mean!

With some big deadline deals to improve their depth, High as Greg Kite is looking high and mighty as I thankfully miss that juggernaut for at least one more week, as they tackle Scurry to the Left.  But I have to deal with the friggin’ Clippers team, argh!  So I’m not too happy with the scheduling, but I guess I was going to have it rough one way or the other.  Good luck to everyone alive in the REL, and all you readers out there primed for a dynasty title!  Here’s how the quarterfinals wrapped up in week 20 in the REL, plus a preview of this week’s semi-finals in week 21:

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REL Basketball1The playoffs are here!  The playoffs are here!  It’s like Christmas morning for H2H leagues!

The final week of the REL season brought some shuffling with the 3-5 seeds, but the playoff teams were pretty much set, and we’re looking at week 1 matchups of #3 seed Yappers vs. #6 seed Mr. Kite and #4 seed Metamucil (why you changing your team name at the end, bro?!) against #5 Slim.  On top of the determination of the playoff seeding, we had a monster week on the waiver wire!  So if you’re in the super deep leagues, check out who was added in our REL for some streaming ideas.  Best of luck to all in the playoffs!

Here’s how week nineteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into the first week of the playoffs:

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REL Basketball1Only one regular season week left to go – one last week to jostle for the playoffs!  And oh man, do we have some sublime drama in the REL!  Am I using sublime right?!  I feel like it’s an adjective thrown around a little willy-nilly….  Anywho, #2 seed Scurry and #3 seed Yappers took on big losses last week, opening the door for a 4-way battle for that coveted 2nd bye week.  Although with the trade deadline last week, we saw some massive moves, mainly from High as Greg Kite solidifying their hold on the 6th playoff spot and going for a deep playoff run.  It’s going to be a great postseason, and I’m excited to see how the seeding will work out!

Here’s how week eighteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week nineteen:

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REL Basketball1Through the break, through the prolonged week 18, and only two regular season weeks left to go!  Damn this season has flown by…  I know, I know, cliche award of the year right there for JB…  Wait, what’s that?!  Cliche award of the year actually went to Moonlight!

Sorry to write about myself again, but I officially clinched a playoff spot.  Woohoo!  With a 4 game lead over the field, just need to keep cruising for that #1 spot and a bye week.  The top-3 looked locked in, with Yappers and Scurry jostling for the other bye week, 4/5 remain close, but the big battle will be amongst the 3 teams vying for that 6th and final playoff spot.

Here’s how week seventeen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week eighteen:

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REL Basketball1The push for the Gold Jersey continues!

In the 16-17 Civil War battle between Slim and I, your’s truly emerged as the victor!  I wouldn’t be pimping it so hard if he didn’t knock me out of the playoffs last year with his BS .001% win…

Anyway, it seems our top five are pretty much cemented in place for playoffs berths, but look out for the battle for that number #6 seed!  Anus making a few win-now trades is going balls out for a miracle run, but maybe we have a Cinderella story happening!  C’mon Butler!  Then, ya never know, Adam might get a chance to coach the Celtics!

Here’s how week sixteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into the 14-day, ASB week 17:

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REL Basketball1What would I rather win…  My 5th Super Bowl or the REL…? Yeah, that’s not close at all, I want a Gold Jersey dammit!

Big jostle at the top of the standings, as the #2 and #3 seeds both took losses, opening the door for the bye week push.  It looks like we have 8 teams now competing for a playoff spot, that is, unless someone goes all Packers and can win out for a while.  C’mon Olivia Munn black magic, work for us!

We had a few interesting buys on the wire this week, as a few new situations bubbled up.  Still awaitin’ the big Trade Deadline splash though!  Here’s how week fifteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week sixteen:

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REL Basketball1Another big week for the rich up top in the RCL, as we stare down our perch on an NYC tower and wag our fingers at the dissidents below.  Shame, you underachievers, shame!  Hah, just kidding of course, as the league is still wide open for playoff runs and postseason upsets.  We need some New York Giants to break up the undefeated New England Patriots out here!  Well, for now the Falcons will have to do…

Nothing too crazy on the wire this week, but we had a few decent signings as we move into our final third of the regular season.  Here’s how week fourteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week fifteen:

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REL Basketball1Usually in the open I talk about the team in first, but that seems self-serving and weird right now…  Did I veil that gloat at all?!  No, no, in all honesty, I have matchups against the 2-4 seeds still to go, so still have some work to do.  Dynasty leagues are never on cruise control!  Which was also the lesser-preferred subtitle to “Speed 2”.  A lot of squads got some reinforcements off the wire this week, but not big money splashes…  The trade deadline should see a nice big wad of cash thrown on the wire, like during a Pacman Jones lap dance!

Here’s how week thirteen in the 2016-17 REL went down, and how we’re looking heading into week fourteen:

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