1617-rcl-logoThe epic battle between good and evil has begun! The 3rd annual JB vs. Slim RCL drafted last night, pitting the heroic forces of yours truly against the nefarious hordes of that villainous Slim. Last year, I got the upper hand by knocking Slim out of the semi-finals, but still fell short of winning the league title. Stupid Mr. Green Beans! Ruining it for everyone…

If you’re still jittery with excitement for the NBA season, there’s still time to make a last second RCL League! If we can get a couple more created, I’ll be sure to heavily promote them through the end of this week and the weekend to be sure you have a full league. Hit up our 2016-17 RCL Sign-Ups!

With the epic responsibility to maintain goodness and order in the universe by besting Slim, here’s how my draft went down:

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(Re-posting to the top one last time, with the same SUPER LOGO!  Last chance to create an RCL league and try to topple the field, or fill out on of the remaining leagues that needs owners.  Let’s get a few more leagues together before Opening Night next Tuesday!)

The RCLs are back, baby!  Ugh, I am eager to win some titles this year after getting bounced in the finals in not one, not two, but THREE different leagues last year.  Infuriating!  I think that just proves I need to be in like, 15 RCLs this year.  You should too!

With the new season upon us, it’s time to round up the competitors in Razzball Nation for a chance at RCL glory.  Try for infamy and join legends High as Greg Kite, Akron Lebrons, & Nick is Razzy in the RCL Hall of Fame by beating the best & brightest fantasy basketball community in the land.  And if you’re stumped on a good team name for your 2016-17 RCL squads, be sure to use our RAZZBALL BASKETBALL TEAM NAME GENERATOR with some Razzball-exclusive terms in there.  Robin Lopez TOTALLY sucks at basketball!  While getting your name immortalized in the Hall of Fame is obviously priceless, 1st place will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and the power of puppetry by subjecting me to another YouTube shaming video.  I’m totally up for suggestions here, just no tattoos, gross out challenges, or things that would get me in trouble with my wife…

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My first RCL draft is in the books!  I may drop another league closer to the start of the season – we’ll see on that.  [editor’s note – if you’re interested in joining an RCL league, you can take a spot in several leagues with openings here!]   At any rate, I’m fairly happy with how this draft went.  I had the 11th pick, so that was ugly, but I caught a break in the first round, and I don’t think I blew it too badly after that.  You can be the judge though!

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1617-rcl-logoSay whaaaaaa?! It’s draft season?! Hell yeah, let’s start some early-drafting for hoops, who ISN’T bored of fantasy football already?! I keed, I keed, but fans of the Rams might be ready for a new sport already, amiright?!

If you’re jonesing for some early fantasy basketball action in the dopiest of dope fan leagues around, it’s time to join us an play in the 2016-17 Razzball Basketball RCL Leagues! 100% free, fun prizes, shame me in a Youtube video, and take a stab at joining the illustrious few who have made it into the RCL Hall of Fame. Is it narcissistic that I want to make it into my own site’s Hall of Fame?! Man, it would be awesome to have my name on there!

With that fantasy basketball fever enveloping us all, start up your very own new RCL league and set an early draft time (takes 2 minutes tops to launch a league) and challenge the masses for the overall RCL title. But if you only have 5 seconds, that’s fine too! Tons of leagues are open, so clickity click the link above and join an open league. Start up as many teams as you’d like to make a run at RCL infamy!

Enough tomfoolery! Wait, I mean JBfoolery, my name isn’t Tom! It’s time to start looking at how RCL drafts are playing out! We just had our first RCL draft last night in the inaugural RCL of the season. Here’s how my team came together:

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rcl-basketball-logoCongratulations to Nick is Razzy! Our RCL Overlord! Your name will forever live in infamy in the RCL Hall of Fame!

Now before we all bow down to Mr. Razzy, Nick, you 100% owe me for this honor. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! As I mentioned in the regular season wrap, in the JB’s surprise RCL league, I put all my eggs into the streaming against Heat Apologist basket in the final regular season week, winning 7-2 and bringing Heat Apologist down from #1 to #4 in the overall standings. Apologist would go on to win the league, so he would’ve been the champ! Alas, my altruism to the field resulted in Nick is Razzy – the #2 overall seed – winning the overall title after picking up the championship in Khang’s RCL.

As promised in the RCL Signup post, Nick is Razzy picks up a $50 Amazon gift card, plus a JB shaming video (previous shaming videos for the 2013-14 RCL winner and 2014-15 RCL winner)! So hit me up at [email protected] and we’ll find a volume eating challenge that will almost certainly have me yack somewhere near where I live. This should be fun! Heat Apologist doesn’t go home empty handed at least, getting a $20 gift card. And well, I know you Heat Apologist, so I’ll get up with ya.

You can check out how your teams stacked up in our final 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table which is now finalized with league champions in bold/yellow highlight, and here’s how things wrapped up across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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rcl-basketball-logoRCL Playoffs, baby!  Slim and I have mentioned several times on the Pod that the RCL difficulty level is sky high.  Slim had an easier time in a $250 league than the RCLs!  And we’re not saying this just to pump up your egos, Razzball Nation bee smawrt!

In our final regular season week, boy did I get a chance to play spoiler!  I faced off against #1 overall RCL team Heat Apologist in the JB’s surprise RCL, and you’re welcome alligno, Nick is Razzy, Smokin’ Fine Cubans and Big-O-Miller!  Shocked Mr. Apologist with a 6-2-1 victory bringing him down to tied-4th overall.  Of course all playoff teams are still alive in the quest for the overall RCL title, as the crown goes to the team that won their fantasy playoffs and had the best regular season record amongst the winners.  Best of luck to everyone in the playoffs, and my 4 RCL playoff teams hope to do some more spoilin’ these next 3 weeks!

Check out how your teams stacked up through the final week of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table which is now finalized, and here’s how the action went down in the nineteenth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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With the All-Star Break behind us, the home stretch of the NBA season is official underway. As general mangers adjusted their rosters for a final playoff push, fantasy owners are adjusting as well to put themselves in the best position for the most important part of the season.

Likewise, appearances on the RCL Update are more important than ever, so let’s give a little credit to all the teams that have consistently performed well throughout the year.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 16 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the sixteenth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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With about 30 games left in the NBA regular season, there’s no time to waste, so let’s get down to business.

At this point in the year, the playoff order has been determined. For the bottom feeders, it’s time to play the roll of spoiler and shake up the standings. For the fringe contenders, stay as active as ever on the waiver wire and find that one move to put you over the top. And for the league leaders, just keep praying that your best players don’t get hurt.

The playoffs are rapidly approaching, so don’t be afraid to finally pull the trigger on any impending trade offers. Put yourself in the best position to win, and you may find yourself featured on the next RCL Update.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 15 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the fifteenth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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As the east coast got hammered with a record snow fall, all I can say is thank goodness for fantasy basketball.

Between the hours of shoveling and cabin fever, having a simple hobby like fantasy basketball provides a distraction from my losing battle with Mother Nature.

While I might not be lucky enough to win my matchups even with the extra preparation time, at least I had something to keep me entertained.

At the end of the day, win or lose, that’s the real reason we all play. Fantasy basketball is fun, and even small victories, such as correctly streaming a breakout player, validate a season’s worth of decision.

For those top tier teams, winning is definitely fun.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 13 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the thirteenth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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With the All-Star break rapidly approaching, it’s a good time for fantasy owners to sit back and re-evaluate their season so far. For teams struggling to move into the playoff picture, a win-now trade for a slumping star or gamble on a potential breakout may be necessary moves to remain competitive. As the RCL Update indicates week-in and week-out, the standings are not set in stone, and today’s favorites may fall victim to the injury bug (*reaches for Voodoo doll*) leaving them susceptible to the surging contenders.

Either way, with a lot of basketball left to be played, only the vigilant fantasy owners will rise from mediocrity and continue to excel in the standings. By this point in the year, everyone has a pretty good gauge on value, so don’t be afraid to part ways with a struggling asset (I’m talking to you Danny Green owners) to make your team better in the short term.

String together a couple impressive wins, and before you know it, you’re front page on the RCL Update.

Check out how your teams stacked up in week 12 of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table, and here’s how the action went down in the twelfth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

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