Welcome to your midweek guidance for week 19!  I assume that if you’re reading this, you’re playing for a championship or the chance to get to the final round.  It’s time for some….

The focus of this post is to help you find players to win your H2H categories matchup, whether it’s an eight or nine-category format.  If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely had to make some tough decisions for your roster already.  This week, a guy like Christian Wood – as surprising as it may sound – might be a drop.  Especially if you’re in the championship round, consider the cost/benefit equation of keeping a high-quality player who may only play one game this week, versus streaming his spot using some of the players listed below.  In aggregate, the streaming option will likely yield more counting stats than hanging onto Wood for a maximum of two games.

That being said, the name of the game is adding players who will sustain you in the categories you’re already leading and help you overtake your opponent where it’s close.  The following players have two or more games remaining this week and are rostered in 50% or less in ESPN and/or Yahoo leagues.  Unless I indicate otherwise, it should be assumed that these players do not pose a significant turnover risk.

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I am no Picasso or Rembrandt but nonetheless, allow me to paint a vivid picture the best I can.

Wet feet, inside of soaked socks, sliding around in drenched boots, walking uphill through mud that hits your knees. The clouds so low and dark, like overfilled water balloons.

This is my attempt at describing what the final stretch of the season begins to feel like. Unless you are sitting pretty with a sizeable lead in your league, you are likely counting down the days until the final buzzer of the season. Perhaps you are like me in a couple of leagues where a shot at first place is within reach and these last set of games could prove pivotal in your quest to the ship. Either way, I am here to offer you some last-minute advice that may provide the slight edge required at this stage of the season.

“ Not a lot baby girl just a lil’ bit, we can head to the crib in a lil’ bit, I can show you how I live in a lil’ bit”

I know 50 Cent was talking about a young woman he whispered sweet nothings to into her ear at the club one fine evening back in 2005. Over here though fam, we are talking about the lil’ bit you need to make your final push towards the finish line. The tree is not bountiful with ripe fruit I have to be honest with you.

Do you remember bars and clubs? Do you remember the end of the night and scoping out who still remained? Well, this is somewhat like that and if you remember those wild and crazy times where you could be inside of places with strangers sans mask then you also know that even what seemed the most decollate of nights, a beacon of light could present itself and guide you home.

This week we dissect the…

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This was truly a big week in the world of the NBA. Teams are constantly jockeying for playoff position with less than ten games left in the regular season. Players are starting to put their final stamps on the season in hopes of earning an NBA award or being name to one of the three All-NBA teams. But most of all, we got a handful of historic performances that really displayed the bright future ahead for the NBA with its new crop of ascending superstars. Two of these performances came at the hands of Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic who both had nights that will go down in the record books. That is why they are my honorary Hoopers of the Week! Let’s get into it!

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Now that it’s looking like I’ll likely lose in my championship matchup this week (boooooooooooo!), I guess it’s time to turn to helping you all out in your championship runs this week. By the way, please move your playoffs up to avoid all the silliness. It happened earlier this year, but I’m a strong proponent of just absolutely skipping the last month of the season as teams randomly sit people and rest up for their playoff pushes.

Anyways, do yourself a favor and take a look at the opponent you are up against. Identify the categories where you guys are close (so if you are both bad at winning a category or if you both are middling at a category or both good at winning a category) and stock up on guys to win those categories. Most leagues are nine category leagues, so remember you only need to win five of them.

That said, here are the guys coming up with a boatload of games, all under 50% owned on Yahoo! that can help you win specific categories.

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Welcome to your midweek guidance for Week 18!  If you’re reading this now, you’re contending for a championship.  Congrats on making it this far.  Now it’s time to get the chip!

In many leagues, the non-contending managers are likely asleep at the switch, which may subdue the usual waiver wire feeding frenzy at the end of each week.  If that’s not the case, however, I’ve compiled a longer-than-usual list of streaming targets to tide you over until the next round.

The blurbs will be shorter this week.  Though there may be some guys that you hang onto going into the next round, I’m focusing exclusively on streaming rather than mid-to-long-term holds due to where we are in the season.  That being said, it pays to be ruthless at this stage.  If you have a player like Collin Sexton, who is missing games with no definitive return date during your playoffs, it may be best to cut him loose and stream the spot if you’re in a tight one.  The four games that you can pick up from that spot should make up for losing a top 80 guy if you play it right.

The following list is divided into players who can help you in four, three, or two categories.  Everyone listed below is rostered in 50% or less of ESPN and/or Yahoo leagues.

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“You might win some but you just lost one.”

This is precisely how I am feeling one week removed from suggesting it would be time to consider benching Lonzo Ball. Thankfully, I was wise enough to not suggest he is a drop candidate as he went on somewhat of a tear last week averaging 15.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, 6.5 assists, 1.5 steals while bombing away from deep, and connecting on 3.5 threes per game.

What L Boogie (see opening line) did to my projection of him was the equivalent of saying to me, “keep my name out your mouth”. I am man enough to admit when I was wrong so, LB, you have my sincere apology. With that having been said, the Pelicans remain a team on the outside looking in so keep your eye on their win/ loss columns as it could dictate what route they go when it comes to “resting” their key players.

No worries over here though family because with a new week comes a new opportunity to find the late-season micro move that could be just the edge you need for some success in your league. This week is no different. Sure, does it become more like finding a needle in a haystack at this point in the season, compared to early on when the salmon were swimming upstream? No doubt it does. However, some of the best results came to us because the journey was not easy and fantasy basketball is no different.

“Practice? We talking about practice? Not the game, not the game I love but practice?” Shout out to the legend that is AI but unfortunately, we are talking about practice and I hope you have been practicing rummaging through your waiver wire for that missing puzzle piece to help close out the season.

This week it is time to say adios to:

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Last week, I was so focused on the unbelievable sustainability of the New York Knicks that I completely overlooked what was going on over in The Bay. Won’t make that mistake again.

Last week, I was so focused on the unbelievable sustainability of the New York Knicks that I completely overlooked what was going on over in The Bay. Won’t make that mistake again.

After being named the NBA’s Player of the Week for his mind boggling stretch it only seemed right to show Stephen Curry the just due that he deserves.

The man is averaging career-highs in points (31.2) and rebounds (5.6). His splits are out of this world as he is shooting 48.9% from the floor on a career-high 20.9 attempt and 42.5% from three on a career-high 12 attempts. He is even going crazy from the free throw line, shooting 92.4% on a career-high six attempts.

Across the NBA media landscape, analysts and fans alike have been debating on whether Curry’s 33-year-old season is arguably his best season thus far (even in comparison to his unanimous MVP season back in 2015-16). With a stat line like his, Curry is hands down the talk of the town in the NBA world.

That is why I undoubtedly am naming Stephen Curry the sole and unanimous Hooper of the Week. Let’s get into it!

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The ridiculous and predictably bad “condensed” NBA schedule has finally reared its ugly head. The injuries are rolling in faster than me when they say there’s free cake in the break room, and fantasy teams everywhere are hurting. Hopefully you have multiple IL spots. I have two in the league I run usually, but we upped it to three midseason.

If your commissioner didn’t have such foresight, RIP. But there’s good news: You don’t have to hurt anymore.

When players go out, that means other players step up to fill the void. So who should we be grabbing for the week? Who is going to win us our fantasy playoff matches?

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“Microphone checka, swingin’ sword lecture. Closing down the sector, supreme neck protector”

Welcome in all my people new and old to our midweek dissection of a player in the NBA landscape that has provided you with just enough evidence to “keep it moving” and slide on to a better option for the back nine of the season. As I said last week, no longer will this be a column where I suggest trade options as we are past that deadline in almost all leagues. Instead, I am suggesting you bench or drop this week’s underperformer and I will give you a name or two that I hope you can scoop up off your wire. It is imperative that you are not wasting a roster spot on a player who simply is not delivering the goodies. You will be better served to optimize each game moving forward and in order to do so, you must be strategic in who you play moving forward. Only the strong survive and I like to think of myself as your fantasy basketball personal trainer, providing you the diet and the workout needed to achieve the results you desire.

“I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain. Let’s go inside my astral plane…”

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