JB – Welcome to the first annual 2013-2014 NBA Razzies!  A celebration and a spectacle of everything that went wrong for fantasy owners in the 2013-2014 NBA season.  We opened polls for fantasy owners to submit their votes on deserving nominees, and the tallies are in, the nominees are here, there really isn’t a more spectacular night for NBA fans, is there Slim?

Slim – That’s right JB, the entire Sydney Opera House is teeming with excitement as we welcome in the nominees, celebrities… I just talked with Jack Nicholson a moment ago, so glad he could make it out to support his Lakers.

JB – You know, I was surprised we could book this at the Sydney Opera House – –

Slim – Don’t doubt the straws I can pull in my native country!

Awkward Silence

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Razzball Nation!  No beating around the bush, here’s a link to brackets for our NCAA Tournament pool, try to topple me!  Which will be easy because I’ve only ever had one good bracket.  But it was a doozy!  The Chapel Hill Michigan St. year, had that final!  Last year – I picked Georgetown.  First round exit!  This year I’m going to be boring and have Florida going pretty far.  And pick Duke to do pretty good.  Lame.

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The 2013-2014 NBA Razzies are here!  The first annual Razzball Basketball Razzie awards have just been nominated, distinguishing the worst players, coaches, and franchises that hurt fantasy players this year.  The esteemed panel have gone through rigorous nomination sampling, but we bequeath onto you the final judgment!  So vote in each of our 8 categories below, with the awards ceremony and acceptance speeches next Friday.  Polls will close Wednesday night, so vote once, vote often, make your voice be heard Razzball Nation!

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It’s been a mad March!  There are no more perfect brackets out there, with FGCU the first 15 seed to ever make the sweet 16.  That’s more a Cinderella story than if Elizabeth Smart won the next leading role Oscar.  As Warwick Davis would say, “mehehehehehehe!”

 March Madness

Let’s take a look at the standings through the first three rounds of the NCAA Tournament:

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It’s that time of year – where even the die-hardest fantasy basketball fan gets their bracket pool together one the best tournament in all sports. You know it’s true.  And you know it’s still fantasy. I can fantasize over another UNC title in one of the most unlikely runs in tournament history…. OK so Kentucky fans don’t have that luxury, but they can suck it up!

Challenge yours truly in the ultimate Razzball Nation pool right here.  Winner will get some well-deserved Razzball love (who doesn’t wanna get absolutely smothered in it?) and I’ll keep up with some status updates as we plow through the fantasy playoffs.

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Razzball Nation!  As announced on our awesome Facebook page, join me in a March Madness pool to the death.  Join here to challenge yours truly in a bracket attack-et.  If you lose, Warwick Davis will terrorize you harder than  he did Jennifer Aniston.

I’ll shoot up another mini-post when the brackets are announced to remind you procrastinators, with a few updates as it goes along.  I’ve got UNC winning it all!  Wishful thinking.

Join today!

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It’s playoff time in the NBA and we here at Razzball would like to share our picks.  Please feel free to comment and/or mock (strongly encouraged) our picks and share your own.  NOTE:  The selections were made before Derrick Rose tore his ACL (and Iman Shumpert but if you picked the Knicks to beat the Heat then you either are 1.) from New York or 2.) a huge LeBron/Heat hater)

James Redacted:

Eastern Conference Finals (ECF): Heat/Bulls – Heat in 5

I made this selection before Rose tore his ACL and I’m keeping it.  

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